It’s an online seller’s worst nightmare; a shopper is ready and eager to “buy now,” only to discover the desired item is out of stock. That’s money out the door at the point of sale and in the future, since out-of-stock or backordered items may prevent customers from returning to buy more.

For online retailers who sell across multiple channels, keeping up with inventory is a particular challenge. Ecomdash is all about making life easier and less time consuming for small and medium sized businesses. That’s why we’ve added a new feature that sends email alerts when inventory is running low, giving sellers time to replenish stock before selling out. The feature is a huge relief for busy business owners and allows them to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and seller ratings
  • Save money by streamlining inventory management
  • Lower customer service costs and time spent resolving inventory problems

Reorder alert emailBecause ecomdash tracks and syncs all incoming and outgoing inventory, our tool provides a real-time view of inventory levels. Getting an email alert is as simple as setting target inventory and reorder levels for each product. When stock reaches the low threshold number an email is automatically sent, alerting the seller of low product levels. Then, you can let ecomdash help you quickly respond by sending off that queued up purchase order to make sure you never oversell or undersell again.

So, instead of reacting to customer complaints, use theĀ email alert feature in ecomdash and become proactive when it comes to keeping just the right amount of stock on hand. Just keep your phone handy and we’ll do the rest!

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